Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In the Vase of Disaster

Scripture Reference: Hebrews 11, Romans 4:18-25

A lesson about faith.
He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification. - Romans 4:25
OZZIE – an excitable little monster
MISS REBECCA – the teacher who sets him straight

(The scene opens with MISS REBECCA on stage.)

OZZIE: Miss Rebecca! Miss Rebecca! I need to ask you something!

MISS REBECCA: What do you need, Ozzie?

OZZIE: If I were to ask if I could come live with you, what would you say?

MISS REBECCA: I'd say, why do you not want to live at your home anymore?

OZZIE: No reason. No one's in trouble. Nothing's broken. Just askin'?

MISS REBECCA: What did you break, Ozzie?

OZZIE: Break? Me? Nothing. Why do you ask?

MISS REBECCA: Call it mother's intuition.

OZZIE: No, no. I was just thinking. What if someone – not me – did something – say break something – and needed some place to lay low or maybe even live forever, would you be willing to help some one – who's not me - like that?

MISS REBECCA: What did you break, Ozzie?

OZZIE: Nothing! I didn't break my mom's favorite vase!

MISS REBECCA: You broke your mom's favorite vase?

OZZIE: How did you find out? Who told you? Was it Dalton?

MISS REBECCA: No. It's not important how I found out. What is important is why you think you need somewhere else to live?

OZZIE: Cause my mom loves that vase, and she'll hate me for breaking it. She'll probably kick me out of the house, and I'll be homeless and probably have to live in a cardboard box by the railroad track. I'll have to eat bugs and... and sticks and stones. I'll eventually wither away to fur and bones.

MISS REBECCA: I don't think any of that will happen to you.

OZZIE: But she will kick me out.

MISS REBECCA: I don't think she'll kick you out either. Was it an accident?

OZZIE: Yes, ma'am, but it was her favorite vase. I'm doomed! I'm doomed!

MISS REBECCA: You're not doomed. Tell you what, sweetie, I'll take care of it with your mom.

OZZIE: Really?!? How?

MISS REBECCA: Don't worry about how. Just trust me.

OZZIE: You're swell. Miss Rebecca. How can I ever repay you?

MISS REBECCA: Tell you what – have faith that I can take care of it, and we'll call it even.

OZZIE: Well, certainly. That's stupendous. Thanks!

MISS REBECCA: My pleasure. I'm glad I can help.

OZZIE: Oh, and one more thing.

MISS REBECCA: What's that?

OZZIE: When you talk to my mom don't mention her favorite lamp. (exits)


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