Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm My Mama's Reflection

Scripture Reference: Acts 5:1-11

A lesson about judgment.


TURQ – an energetic little monster from the hills
MISS REBECCA – the teacher who sets him straight
ABIGAIL – one of the kids in class


Rubber chicken

(TURQ enters.)

TURQ: Hoo wee! Howdy-do, Miss Rebecca.

MISS REBECCA: Hi, Turq. What's up?

TURQ: Not much, I jes… (pauses then zeroes in on one of the students) Is that Abigail?

MISS REBECCA: (confused) Yes.

TURQ: Well, I ain't seen Abigail in a month o' Sundays. Come up here, Abigail, I have somethin' fer ya.

(Abigail approaches the front of the puppet stage.)

ABIGAIL: Hi, Turq. What do you want?

TURQ: No, come closer.

ABIGAIL: (gets closer) OK.

TURQ: That ain't close 'nuff. Come over here to the side.

ABIGAIL: (goes to the side of the puppet stage) How's this?

TURQ: That's perfect. (Disappears from puppet stage. Suddenly, he hits ABIGAIL over the head with a rubber chicken. Stays back stage.)

MISS REBECCA: Abigail! Are you OK?

ABIGAIL: I'm fine.

MISS REBECCA: I'm so sorry. Why don't you have a seat.

(ABIGAIL sits.)


TURQ: (enters) Is you all still here?

MISS REBECCA: Yes. I can't believe you did that.

TURQ: Did what?

MISS REBECCA: Hit Abigail with a rubber chicken.

TURQ: What is you talkin' about. I did no such thang.

MISS REBECCA: Yes, you did.

TURQ: No, I didn't.


TURQ: I didn't.


TURQ: Didn't times infinity.

MISS REBECCA: (taking a different tack) Well, whoever did it must have a terrible mother.

TURQ: I telled ya I didn't do it. And stop talkin' 'bout my mama.

MISS REBECCA: I'm just saying that whoever did such a terrible thing must have a terrible mother.

TURQ: Stop bad-mouthin' my mama. And I didn't do it.

MISS REBECCA: Whoever did such a pusillanimous and vindictive act must have a pusillanimous and vindictive mother.

TURQ: I don't know what those words mean, but take 'em back. Nobody sasses my mama.

MISS REBECCA: Are you saying you hit Abigail with a rubber chicken.

TURQ: I tryin' not to.


TURQ: Fine! I did. I did. Ar' you happy now?

MISS REBECCA: I'm glad you decided to be honest.

TURQ: And do you take back what you said about my mama?!?

MISS REBECCA: Your mother is a fine woman, Turq.

TURQ: Thank ye.

MISS REBECCA: But, it does reflect badly on her when you do bad things.

TURQ: But it ain't her fault.

MISS REBECCA: No, it's not, but people will judge your mother based on your actions.

TURQ: Well, that ain't far.

MISS REBECCA: Maybe not, but that's the way it is. If someone has never met your mother, they only know her through you.

TURQ: Well turn me over and paint me blue.

MISS REBECCA: And as a Christian, your actions reflect on God, too.

TURQ: Tarnation! That ain't far neither.

MISS REBECCA: If someone doesn't know, they only know Him through you.

TURQ: Spit fire and save the matches. Hittin' someone with a rubber chicken makes my mama and God both look bad.

MISS REBECCA: That's right.

TURQ: 'Cause a cream pie to the face would be much funnier.

MISS REBECCA: That's not really what I meant…

TURQ: That would reflect much better on my mama…

MISS REBECCA: I need to clarify…

TURQ: and God.

MISS REBECCA: Not exactly…

TURQ: See y'all later. Bye!

MISS REBECCA: (giving up) Bye, Turq.