Monday, May 2, 2011

Adore Way

Scripture Reference: John 20:10-18
He is not here, He has risen, just as he said. – Matthew 28:6
A lesson about adoration.

OZZIE – an excitable little monster
SQUIGGLY – Ozzie’s pet worm
MISS REBECCA – the teacher who sets him straight


(MISS REBECCA is on stage.)

MISS REBECCA: Today we are going to be talking about Mary Magdalene and adoration.

(OZZIE enters smacking his lips.)

OZZIE: That was de-licious.

MISS REBECCA: What was so good, Ozzie?

OZZIE: Oh. Hi, Miss Rebecca. I just had a sardine and sauerkraut sandwich. It was sensational.

MISS REBECCA: That's an interesting combination.

OZZIE: You should try it some time. I absolutely adore them.

MISS REBECCA: Funny you should mention adoring your sandwich, because we were just talking about adoration.

OZZIE: Strange how things happen like that in this class.

MISS REBECCA: Do you know what adore means?

OZZIE: Sure, I do! There's "adore" over there. Could you close it please. (laugh/snort)


OZZIE: Sorry, Miss Rebecca. Just teasing. Adore means to like somethin' a whole bunch like a sardine and sauerkraut sandwich.

MISS REBECCA: Sort of. It means to love something deeply. It comes from a Latin word meaning to give worship to something or someone.

OZZIE: Well, I don't like sardine and sauerkraut sandwiches that much.

MISS REBECCA: In Bible times, people would humble themselves to show adoration.

OZZIE: Kind of like Squiggly does with me.

(SQUIGGLY enters, shakes his head, then exits.)

MISS REBECCA: I don't know about that, but in Persia, people would bow before the king to show adoration.

OZZIE: I've seen stuff like that in the movies.

MISS REBECCA: Then they would have to kiss his knee.

OZZIE: Kiss his knee?!? Ew!! I never saw that in the movies.

MISS REBECCA: Then they'd have to fall on their face at his feet, striking the earth with the forehead...


MISS REBECCA: and kissing the ground.

OZZIE: Ew!! I don't know what's worse: kissing the king's knee or kissing the ground – and I've seen what Squiggly does on the ground.

(SQUIGGLY enters, stares at Ozzie, then exits.)

MISS REBECCA: The Jews would show adoration with a kiss.

OZZIE: That's more like it. I know I've kissed my sardine and sauerkraut sandwich before.

MISS REBECCA: But you don't really give it adoration do you?

OZZIE: It's awfully yummy, but I don't worship it. So, no.

MISS REBECCA: I didn't think so.

OZZIE: But I do adore a good sushi and succotash soufflé. (exits quickly)


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