Monday, April 11, 2011

Denial Denial

Scripture Reference: Matthew 26:57-75, Mark 14:53-72, Luke 22:47-62, John 18:12-27

A lesson about denying Jesus.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this:  While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. – Romans 5:8Cast:
DILLY – a southern fried chicken who doesn’t always get things straight
MR. MIKE – the teacher who sets her straight


(MR. MIKE is on stage.)

DILLY: Hi. Mr. Mike. How y'all doin'?

MR. MIKE: If I were doing any better, I couldn't stand it. How are you, Dilly?

DILLY: Why, I'm finer than frog hair.

MR. MIKE: What have you been up to?

DILLY: Well, Easter is coming, so I have been reading my Bible.

MR. MIKE: That's always a good idea. I'm proud of you.

DILLY: Aren't you sweeter than a jelly doughnut. Anyway, I was reading about Peter. He said he'd stick with Jesus, then he denied him three times. Fail!

MR. MIKE: That's not very nice.

DILLY: He failed like Elijah in the quiet game.

MR. MIKE: Dilly!

DILLY: Well he did.

MR. MIKE: He was scared. Imagine if Flora was arrested, and you thought you might be next. Don't you think you'd be scared?

DILLY: I'd be as scared as a turkey in November.

MR. MIKE: So you might deny knowing her.

DILLY: Possibly, but Flora isn't Jesus. Peter should have had more faith. I might deny Flora, but I'd never deny Jesus.

MR. MIKE: That's easier said than done.

DILLY: Whatever do you mean?

MR. MIKE: I remember you telling me about the last time you went to the feedstore. You said the clerk was telling you about a problem she was having.

DILLY: I remember. Bless her heart.

MR. MIKE: Did you offer to pray for her?

DILLY: Why no. I'd be embarrassed.

MR. MIKE: The fellow who took your bags out for you. You said you know he doesn't go to church any more. Did you invite him to church?

DILLY: Why no. That's not my place.

MR. MIKE: You mentioned that you don't think your neighbors are Christian. Did you tell them about Jesus?

DILLY: Why no. What would they think of me?

MR. MIKE: You just denied Jesus three times.

DILLY: (clucking) But... But... But...

MR. MIKE: When you don't stand up for Jesus; when you hide your relationship with Jesus, then you've denied Jesus, too.

DILLY: Well, knock me down and steal my teeth. I cannot fathom that I am as bad as Peter. Oh, my! All those people! I must go directly and make amends. (running back and forth) I gotta go to my neighbors. No, I gotta go to the feedstore. No, I gotta go to my neighbors. No, I just gotta go. (exits quickly)

MR. MIKE: (stares at stage surprised at Dilly’s sudden departure)

DILLY: (reappears) I almost forgot – bye, y’all! (exits)

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