Monday, July 11, 2011

Witless for Christ

Scripture Reference: Acts 8:26-40, Mark 13:11

A lesson about witnessing.
do not worry beforehand about what to say. Just say whatever is given you at the time, for it is not you speaking, but the Holy Spirit. - Mark 13:11b
OZZIE – an excitable little monster
MISS REBECCA – the teacher who sets him straight


(MISS REBECCA begins on stage)

OZZIE: Hi, Miss Rebecca.

MISS REBECCA: Good morning, Ozzie. What’s up?

OZZIE: I’m glad you asked. Before class started, I saw… (starts listing things that happened before church that morning) Then I saw Pastor John…

MISS REBECCA: Ozzie, why are you telling me all of this?

OZZIE: I heard the lesson today is about witnessing, so I thought I would tell you all the stuff I witnessed this morning.
MISS REBECCA: Ah! We’re not talking about that kind of witnessing.

OZZIE: Are you certain? Cause I got lots more stuff I witnessed.

MISS REBECCA: I’m sure you do, but I’m certain that we are talking about something different this morning.

OZZIE: (disappointed) Oh. (confused) What other sort of witnessing is there?

MISS REBECCA: We are talking about sharing our faith in Jesus Christ with others.

OZZIE: How is that witnessing?

MISS REBECCA: Let me explain it this way: If there was a trial and you had information about the case, you’d be called as a witness to testify about the facts of the case.

OZZIE: Oh, so someone here broke the law. (stage whispers) Was it Nikki? She’s pretty suspicious.

MISS REBECCA: Nikki is not on trial. No one here broke the law.

OZZIE: Then what’s the trial about?

MISS REBECCA: The trial was hypothetical.

OZZIE: Is that against the law?

MISS REBECCA: No, I mean it is an analogy. As a witness for Christ, we tell others the facts about Jesus.

OZZIE: Like how he was born in a stable and died on a cross?

MISS REBECCA: Yes, but not just historical facts. We testify about how He has changed our lives.

OZZIE: That sounds really hard. I don’t think I’d know what to say.

MISS REBECCA: You just have to tell the truth, just like you would in a courtroom.

OZZIE: That doesn’t sound so bad.

MISS REBECCA: Jesus also tells us not to worry beforehand, because the Holy Spirit will speak for us.

OZZIE: That’s even better.

MISS REBECCA: So you understand now what we mean by witnessing?

OZZIE: I certainly do, and I’m glad it’s this kind of witnessing.

MISS REBECCA: Why’s that?

OZZIE: Cause I don’t want anyone witnessing me eating all the doughnuts. (exits quickly)


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