Monday, March 1, 2010

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

Scripture Reference: Joshua 2, 5:13-6:27

A lesson in God's might.

As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15bCast:
OZZIE – a mischievous little monster
MR. MIKE – the teacher who sets him straight

2 party horns (one for Ozzie, one for the puppeteer)

(MR. MIKE is on stage.)

OZZIE: (appears and starts walking back & forth)

MR. MIKE: (watches for a moment, tracking him with his head) Hey, Ozzie. Whatcha doing?

OZZIE: I'm trying to knock down this wall, Mr. Mike.

MR. MIKE: You can't knock down a wall like that.

OZZIE: Oh? Isn't is fast enough? (goes faster)

MR. MIKE: Not like that either.

OZZIE: (stopping and looking at MR. MIKE) Well, I can't go any faster!

MR. MIKE: No, I mean walking back & forth can't knock down that wall.

OZZIE: Well, Joshua did it in the Bible.

MR. MIKE: It's true that Joshua and the Israelites brought down the walls of Jericho, but it wasn't walking around that did it. It was…

OZZIE: The shouting! (starts yelling Taz-style)

MR. MIKE: (after a few moments) Ozzie! Ozzie!

OZZIE: (casually) Yes?

MR. MIKE: It wasn't the shouting that did it.

OZZIE: Hmmm. (looking at the wall) Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your wall down.

MR. MIKE: Wrong story.

OZZIE: Sorry.

MR. MIKE: The walls came down because of…

OZZIE: The trumpets! (disappears then reappears blowing a party horn – a lot)

MR. MIKE: (after a few moments) Ozzie! Ozzie!

OZZIE: (casually) Yes?

MR. MIKE: It wasn't the trumpets.

OZZIE: Hmph! I'm running out of things to try. I've tried walking, shouting, and trumpets. I even tried huffing and puffing. What's left?

MR. MIKE: God's might.

OZZIE: God might what? (getting excited) God might give me a dollar if I get the right answer? Ooo! If I had a dollar I could buy a sucker or a Star Wars trading card or a pet worm. Wouldn't a pet worm be sweet, Mr. Mike?

MR. MIKE: Yes, it would, Ozzie, but I meant it was God's might that brought down the wall. His power. His strength.

OZZIE: Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?

MR. MIKE: Sorry about that.

OZZIE: So if God knocked down the wall, why did he have Joshua do all those silly things?

MR. MIKE: It wasn't silly to God, but I bet it did seem pretty silly to the folks in Jericho.

OZZIE: And I bet the folks in Jericho looked pretty silly when the walls came tumbling down.

MR. MIKE: I'm sure they did. You see, God wants us to be participants in the things he does, but He also wants us to know that He's the one doing it. It is by God's might that all things are done.

OZZIE: Kinda like when my dad asks me to help him change a light bulb. He can really do it all by himself, but he likes doing it with me.

MR. MIKE: Now you're getting the idea.

OZZIE: Well, if I can't knock down this wall, I guess I'll go and do something else.

MR. MIKE: Like what?

OZZIE: I thought I'd go raise my arms and try to part the water in my bathtub. (disappears)

MR. MIKE: Ozzie!

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