Monday, March 22, 2010

Hare Drum

As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD. – Joshua 24:15bScripture Reference: Judges 4-5

A lesson in bravery and giftedness.

D.B. – a good albeit not very bright bunny
MISS REBECCA – the teacher who sets him straight


(MISS REBECCA is on stage. D.B. barely peers above the stage.)

D.B.: (whispering) Pssst! Miss Rebecca.

MISS REBECCA: D.B.? What are you doing?

D.B.: Do you see Mr. Eli around?

MISS REBECCA: Our music minister?

D.B.: Yes, that Mr. Eli. Have you seen him today?

MISS REBECCA: No, I think he is in Brazil this week.

D.B.: Phew! (comes all the way up)

MISS REBECCA: Why in the world are you hiding from Mr. Eli? He’s a nice guy.

D.B.: Oh, he is a very nice guy, but he has a new drum set.

MISS REBECCA: And you are afraid of drum sets?

D.B.: No!

MISS REBECCA: That’s good. Then why…

D.B.: Who would be afraid of a drum set?

MISS REBECCA: No one I suppose, but…

D.B.: How could a drum set even hurt anyone?

MISS REBECCA: You could get caught in the SNARE drum.

D.B.: Miss Rebecca!


D.B.: I expect bad jokes like that from Mr. Mike but not from you.

MISS REBECCA: Sorry, D.B. You still haven’t told me why you were hiding from Mr. Eli.

D.B.: He wants me to be the new drummer.

MISS REBECCA: Are you a good drummer?

D.B.: A good drummer? Have you ever heard of Gene Krupa?

MISS REBECCA: The famous jazz drummer.

D.B.: Or Ringo Starr?

MISS REBECCA: Drummer for the Beatles.

D.B.: Or Keith Moon?

MISS REBECCA: Drummer for Led Zeplin.

D.B.: Or Animal?

MISS REBECCA: Drummer for the Muppets.

D.B.: Well, I am not as good as any of them, but I am pretty good.

MISS REBECCA: So what’s the problem?

D.B.: I am scared to get up in front of everyone and play the drums. I am not a very brave bunny.

MISS REBECCA: Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. It means doing it even though you are scared.

D.B.: Really?

MISS REBECCA: Really. And if you feel like God is calling you to do this, the He will give you the courage to do it.

D.B.: Well, I will want to do it, and want to honor God by using my talents.. So… I will do it!

MISS REBECCA: That’s great, D.B.

D.B.: Just one more thing.

MISS REBECCA: What’s that?

D.B.: What do I do with these? (holds up drumsticks)


D.B.: (snickers) Bye, Miss Rebecca.



amanda cowles said...

hey, this is a cute skit! it has a lot of potential to be expanded in several different directions, which is great b/c it would suit multiple character personalities. thanks for sharing! (i always get a kick out of reading these.)

ChildsPlay said...

Thanks, Amanda. I appreciate the encouragement.

My skits are short, because they are used as an intro to a topic. I would like to learn how to write longer skits. I am going to try to write a full-length Christmas play with a friend. It is a bit intimidating.

Rachel said...

That's great! Kids would love it too. Probably just long enough for their attention spans:) Thanks for sharing.

ChildsPlay said...

Thanks, Rachel.