Monday, January 11, 2010

Serving God

Scripture Reference: Exodus 4:18-11:10

A lesson in serving God.

Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. – Deuteronomy 6:5Cast:
D.B. – a good albeit not very bright bunny
MR. MATT – the teacher who sets him straight


(D.B. enters while MR. MATT is on stage.)

D.B.: Hi, Mr. Matt.

MR. MATT: Hey, D.B. What's up?

D.B.: I need your help, Mr. Matt.

MR. MATT: What do you need?

D.B.: Well, I have been reading in the Bible about serving God, and I really want to do that.

MR. MATT: That's great! Serving God is a very special and rewarding thing.

D.B.: But I have a big problem.

MR. MATT: What's that?

D.B.: Should I serve God a peanut butter & jelly sandwich?

MR. MATT: No, that's not…

D.B.: Oh, is He allergic to peanuts?

MR. MATT: That's not it…

D.B.: Because I have a friend who just smells peanuts and his blows up like a balloon. (starts floating like his head is a balloon)

MR. MATT: No, D.B.…

D.B.: Well, of course not. He is God; He does not have allergies.

MR. MATT: Right.

D.B.: It is because if He tried to talk to someone in a still small voice, His tongue might stick to the roof of His mouth and the person would only hear mmm mmm mmm mmm.

MR. MATT: No, D.B.!

D.B.: They why, Mr. Matt? Would He rather have a bologna sandwich?

MR. MATT: It is because that's not what it means to serve God.

D.B.: (confused) Oh?

MR. MATT: To serve God means to be obedient and do what He call you to do.

D.B.: But what if He asks me to do something very hard?

MR. MATT: Especially if He asks you to do something very hard. It is easy to something that is, well, easy. It takes faith and perseverance to so something hard.

D.B.: Hmm. So making a peanut butter & jelly sandwich is too easy?

MR. MATT: Something like that.

D.B.: So He wants me to sell everything I have and move to Africa to be a missionary?

MR. MATT: Not necessarily. God wants you to use the gifts He's given you and to take advantage of the opportunities to serve he provides.

D.B.: So if my gift is making peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and I have an opportunity to make one for God, it would be okay if I did?

MR. MATT: (relenting) Yes, D.B.

D.B.: Thanks, Mr. Matt.

MR. MATT: You're welcome, D.B.

D.B.: Bye, Mr. Matt.

MR. MATT: Bye, D.B.


One Small Voice said...

That sandwhich looks REALLY good right now...
Cool skit by the way. :)

Kerry Kerr McAvoy, Ph.D. said...

Thanks for the truth served simple!

Kerry McAvoy
Living Life 2 the Fullest

ChildsPlay said...

Thanks, Kerry.