Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This Looks Like a Job for Job

Scripture Reference: Job 1:13-22

A skit that demonstrates that we should worship in times of trouble.

TURQ – an energetic little monster from the hills
MISS REBECCA – the teacher who sets him straight

Bible for MISS REBECCA opened to the book of Job.

(During the third song (God You're Good to Me), TURQ enters but does not sing. He looks sad and dejected.)

MISS REBECCA: What are you doing, Turq? Don’t tell me you're still embarrassed by singing?


MISS REBECCA: You don’t still think it’s girly or undignified?


MISS REBECCA: Then what is it?

TURQ: Nuttin'.

MISS REBECCA: It’s not nothing. You look like someone popped your balloon.

TURQ: I’ve just had a bad week. I don’t want to go into detail.

MISS REBECCA: Well, if you want to talk…

TURQ: It’s just that I had to take my yearly bath this week…

MISS REBECCA: That doesn’t sound so bad.

TURQ: Well, I is youngest of 13 young'uns. That means I get in the warsh tub after everyone else. By the time I get there, it's like bathin' in murky pond water.

MISS REBECCA: I’m glad you don’t want to go into detail.

TURQ: Wut? Oh, sorry. Anyways, I just ain't up to worshipin'. Worship is all about feelin's, and I'm feelin' lower'n a bowlegged caterpillar.

MISS REBECCA: Worship is a lot more than just about your feelings. It isn’t just supposed to engage your heart, it's supposed to engage your mind, body, and spirit. In the book of John, Jesus says that “true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth.”

TURQ: Yeah, but if'n you had a bad day…

MISS REBECCA: Ever heard of Jōb? [NB: ō indicates to use a long O, as in "robe".]

TURQ: I don’t reckon I have.

MISS REBECCA: You know, Jōb – in the Bible. J-O-B, Jōb.

TURQ: I thought it was pro-nounced job.

MISS REBECCA: No, it’s Jōb.

TURQ: Did he have a brother named Bōb?


TURQ: Bōb. B-O-B.

MISS REBECCA: That would be Bob.

TURQ: And did he eat corn on the cōb?


TURQ: What about him?

MISS REBECCA: What about who?


MISS REBECCA: That’s Jōb, and he had a REALLY bad day. One day a messenger came to him and told him that his enemy had stolen all his oxen & donkeys and killed all his servants working in the fields.

TURQ: I bet that made him sōb.

MISS REBECCA: That’s sob. Then another messenger came to tell him that fire had fallen from the sky and killed all the sheep and shepherds.

TURQ: That’s bad, but…

MISS REBECCA: Then another messenger came to tell him that raiders had carried off his camels and killed his servants.

TURQ: That’s really bad, but…

MISS REBECCA: Then another messenger…

TURQ: Not another messenger!

MISS REBECCA: Yep, another messenger. This one came to tell him that while his sons and daughters were all together, a huge wind came up, blew down the house, and killed them all.

TURQ: Hoo wee! That's stanks worse than an ole polecat!

MISS REBECCA: That's probably one of the worst days anyone’s ever had.

TURQ: And you’re a-tellin' me that Jōb worshiped God after all that?!?

MISS REBECCA: Yes. Jōb 1:20-21 says: Then he fell to the ground in worship and said, "The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised."

TURQ: How could he do that? He just had his family wiped out?

MISS REBECCA: When we remember that God is our Redeemer and that He truly loves us, we can rest in the knowledge that He is in control even when we don’t understand the reasons for what is happening.

TURQ: But how can I do that?

MISS REBECCA: You have to prepare. You can’t wait until things get hard to trust God. You have to practice that when things are good. Spend time in His Word, talk with Him in prayer, stand in His presence in worship. You have to KNOW you can trust Him BEFORE the bad times. In the bad times, you will want to doubt, it’s only natural. But if you have a foundation of trust already, you can stand on that foundation when the trust is hard.

TURQ: So worship is like getting' into shape. You cain’t wait til you is in the middle of a football game to start workin' out. You gotta do that before the game, so that you is pre pared.

MISS REBECCA: Exactly. Worship is part of what makes us healthy Christians. And when we are in difficult times in our lives, it reminds us that God is our Rock and our Redeemer.

TURQ: Well, doggies! If Jōb can worship after all of that, I guess I can, too.

MISS REBECCA: That’s our jōb.

TURQ: Now don’t YOU start that!

(The last song plays (10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)) and TURQ participates. After the song…)

TURQ: (exiting) ♫ Bless the Lord, O my soul, I want a sausage roll, put it in the microwave… ♫

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