Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good Gifts

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. – Matthew 6:33
Scripture Reference: Matthew 7:7-12

A lesson about good things from God.

D.B. – a good albeit not very bright bunny
MISS REBECCA – the teacher who sets him straight


(MISS REBECCA starts on stage.)

D.B.: Good morning, Miss Rebecca.

MISS REBECCA: Hi, D.B. I hear someone is going to have a birthday.

D.B.: Oh, really? Who? Who is going to have a birthday? I love birthdays. Who is it? Who? Who? Who?

MISS REBECCA: You are, silly.

D.B.: Oh, that is right. I am going to have a birthday. I am so excited!

MISS REBECCA: Do you want anything special for your birthday?

D.B.: I was going to ask my dad for a Lego Bionic Bunny video game, but I decided not to.

MISS REBECCA: That sounds like fun. Why didn't you ask him?

D.B.: Because I was afraid he'd give me a tarantula instead.

MISS REBECCA: Why would he…

D.B.: I do not like tarantulas.

MISS REBECCA: I don't blame you, but…

D.B.: They are creepy.

MISS REBECCA: That's a matter of opinion.

D.B.: They are big, hairy spiders.


D.B.: Ew!

MISS REBECCA: D.B., why would your dad give you a tarantula instead of a video game?

D.B.: I do not know, but he might.

MISS REBECCA: Does your dad love you?

D.B.: (insulted) Of course he loves me.

MISS REBECCA: Then why would he give you something bad when you asked for something good?

D.B.: I had not thought of that.

MISS REBECCA: Loving parents don't give their kids bad things.

D.B.: Then why do they make me eat Brussels sprouts?

MISS REBECCA: That's different. Brussels sprouts are good for you. Are tarantulas good for you?

D.B.: Oh, no. They can bite.

MISS REBECCA: Then your parents won't give you a tarantula.

D.B.: But what if I wanted one?

MISS REBECCA: Do you want one?

D.B.: No.

MISS REBECCA: Then it doesn’t matter. Are you going to ask your dad for the Bionic Bunny game now?

D.B.: Oh, yes. I feel much better about it now.

MISS REBECCA: Good. Happy birthday, D.B.

D.B.: Thanks, Miss Rebecca.

MISS REBECCA: You're welcome, D.B.

D.B.: Bye, Miss Rebecca.


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