Monday, September 13, 2010

Christmas Present

Scripture Reference: Matthew 2:1-23

A lesson in coming to Christ.
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. – John 3:16
OZZIE – an excitable little monster
MR. MATT – the teacher who sets him straight


(MR. MATT starts on stage when OZZIE enters)

OZZIE: Mr. Matt! Mr. Matt! I found Jesus!

MR. MATT: That’s great, Ozzie. When we believe in Jesus, it is life-changing.

OZZIE: I didn’t start believing in Jesus; I found him. He’s mowing my lawn.

MR. MATT: Mowing your lawn?

OZZIE: Yeah, my dad hired him and some guy named José to mow our yard.

MR. MATT: Ozzie, I don’t think that was Jesus. I think it was just a man named Jesús (hay-SOOS).

OZZIE: (disappointed) Oh. So I suppose the kid in my class probly isn’t Jesus either.

MR. MATT: I’m guessing his name is Jesús, too.

OZZIE: Oh, yeah. I was wondering why he said it so funny. And what about Jesus Flores?

MR. MATT: You mean the catcher for the Washington Nationals?

OZZIE: Yeah!

MR. MATT: It’s Jesús Flores.

OZZIE: And I suppose all those people in the phonebook named Jesus are really all named Jesús.

MR. MATT: Probably.

OZZIE: Then how am I ever going to meet Jesus when all of the Jesuses are named Jesús?!?

MR. MATT: Why are you looking for Jesus in the phonebook?

OZZIE: You’re right, Mr. Matt. This is the 21st century. I should have googled him.

MR. MATT: That’s not what I meant. Why are you looking for Jesus around here?

OZZIE: I read in the Bible about the Wise Men and how they brought Jesus presents, and I want to bring a present, too.

MR. MATT: That happened a long time ago.

OZZIE: I know that. I wasn’t going to bring him a baby present. I thought I’d get him a tie. That’s what I always get my dad.

MR. MATT: No, Ozzie. He was born over 2000 years ago.

OZZIE: Oh! Then he’s really old. Maybe I should get him a cane or a walker with fuzzy tennis balls on the bottom or one of those swell Hoveround chairs they sell on TV.

MR. MATT: Jesus is in heaven.

OZZIE: Ah. Do you mean Little Heaven, Delaware?

MR. MATT: No. (pointing up) Heaven.

OZZIE: Oh! FedEx probly doesn’t even go there.

MR. MATT: Why are you trying to send presents to Jesus?

OZZIE: You see I missed his birthday party. I’m sure the invitation got lost in the mail. So I wanted to get him a belated birthday present.

MR. MATT: But those aren’t the kind of presents he wants.

OZZIE: Then what in the world does he want?

MR. MATT: You.

OZZIE: Me?!? Well, that’s a pretty crumby gift compared to gold and myrrh and Frankenstein.

MR. MATT: (chuckling) That’s frankincense. And to Jesus, you’re much more valuable than gold.

OZZIE: Seriously?

MR. MATT: Seriously. The great gift you can give Jesus is yourself – your obedience, your worship, your love. That’s the gift he really wants.

OZZIE: But that sounds kinda hard.

MR. MATT: It can be.

OZZIE: Are you sure he wouldn’t rather have a Chia Pet?

MR. MATT: I’m sure.

OZZIE: Or a Snuggy?

MR. MATT: He wants you.

OZZIE: Okay, okay. I’ll give him me, but now I gotta find a FedEx box big enough to hold me. (exits)
MR. MATT: Ozzie!

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