Monday, June 28, 2010

The Skit With Lots of Exclamation Points

Scripture Reference: 1 Kings 17:7-24

A lesson in God’s provision.

God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:19Cast:
OZZIE – an excitable little monster
SQUIGGLY – Ozzie’s pet worm
MISS STARR – the teacher who sets him straight


(MISS STARR is on stage when OZZIE excitedly enters.)

OZZIE: Miss Starr! Miss Starr! Emergency! Help! Help! It’s terrible! It’s terrible!

MISS STARR: Slow down, Ozzie. What’s the matter?

OZZIE: My dad might lose his job! It’s terrible! It’s terrible!

MISS STARR: That certainly is bad.

OZZIE: Not bad – it’s terrible! It’s tragic! It’s a travesty!

MISS STARR: Ozzie, slow down. First of all, you’re borrowing trouble. Your dad hasn’t actually lost his job yet.

OZZIE: No, but if he does, it will be TERRIBLE! We’ll have no money! We’ll lose our house! We’ll starve! And Squiggly will try up to a string and blow away!

MISS STARR: Ozzie! Calm down. It’s not that bad.

OZZIE: Not that bad?!? Squiggly drying up to a withered little string and blowing away in a puff of dust isn’t just bad – IT’S TERRIBLE!

MISS STARR: That would be pretty terrible, buy why do you think that will happen?

OZZIE: Aren’t you listening?!? If my dad loses his job, WE’LL HAVE NO MONEY!

MISS STARR: But why are you putting all your faith in your dad’s job?

OZZIE: Because that’s where the money comes from!

MISS STARR: No, the money comes from God.

OZZIE: They why does my dad go to work everyday?

MISS STARR: Because that’s how God has chosen to provide for your family. If your dad loses his job, God will provide for your family in a different way.

OZZIE: So God is going to take care of us?

MISS STARR: Not only is he going to take care of you, He’s been taking care of you. That’s what the Bible promises.

OZZIE: So will God buy me a PlayStation?

MISS STARR: The Bible doesn’t promise that.


MISS STARR: God promises to supply our daily needs. Sometimes he does this through natural means like a job. Sometimes He does it in supernatural ways that we can’t always understand. So do feel any better about the situation, Ozzie?

OZZIE: Yes, I do, Miss Starr. There’s just one thing.

MISS STARR: What’s that?

(SQUIGGLY appears)

OZZIE: Squiggly wants to know if God will buy him PlayStation?

(OZZIE quickly exists. SQUIGGLY looks between Ozzie and Miss Starr, gets scared, then exists quickly.)

MISS STARR: Squiggly!

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