Thursday, September 24, 2009

You Shall Not Steal.

You shall not steal. - Exodus 20:15Scripture Reference: Exodus 20:15

A lesson in honesty.

MAX – A not-so-bright but loveable ape.
MR. WISEMAN – The wise man of the jungle; helps apes carry out the Creator's plan.

(MR. WISEMAN is already on stage. MAX comes in singing.)

MAX: (To the tune of "Sugartime") Well now, 'nanners in the morning, 'nanners in the evening, 'nanners at suppertime…

MR. WISEMAN: You sure seem happy today, Max.

MAX: I sure am. I just found a whole bunch of bananas. And I'm going to have 'nanners in the morning, 'nanners in the evening, 'nanners at suppertime…

MR. WISEMAN: Well, it sounds like your lucky day. Say, I'm feeling a bit peckish, would you mind if I had one of your bananas?

MAX: No, help yourself. I have lots. In fact, I'm planning on sharing them with Mr. Heb.

MR. WISEMAN: I don't recognize that name. Is that a friend of yours?

MAX: No. Never met him. But the bananas are from him.

MR. WISEMAN: How do you know the bananas are from him?

MAX: His name was on the box.

MR. WISEMAN: His name wouldn't happen to be H-E-B, would it?

MAX: Yeah, that' s it. Mr. Heb. It was spelled out H-E-B.

MR. WISEMAN: That's not a person; that's a store. Those bananas were being delivered to the H-E-B. There's probably some poor delivery man looking for them now.

MAX: Really?

MR. WISEMAN: Yes. And when he doesn't find them, he is going to be in big trouble.

MAX: I just figured Mr. Heb didn't want them any more, so that's why I took them.

MR. WISEMAN: Max! If you take something without permission, that's stealing.

MAX: Even if I just find it lying on the ground?

MR. WISEMAN: Even if you just find it lying on the ground. It belongs to someone. You need to try to return those bananas.

MAX: Okay. Can I ask for a reward?


MAX: Would that be stealing, too?

MR. WISEMAN: No, but it would be rude. You shouldn't do what's right to get a reward. You should do what's right, because it's right and pleases God.

MAX: (sadly) I understand. I'll return them.

MR. WISEMAN: Good boy, Max. And I'll tell you what. When you're done, come back to my house for banana splits.

MAX: (excited) Oh boy! You're the best, Mr. Wiseman.

MR. WISEMAN: Yes, I am, Max. Yes, I am.

(Both exit.)

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