Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life Story #5

Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness! - Matthew 25:21Scripture Reference: Matthew 25:21

A retelling of the Parable of the Talents.

CALEB – Smallest monkey; feels he is inadequate to serve God.
MAX – Biggest and strongest monkey; works hard but tends to be prideful.
BOOGER – Big and strong; does not take good care of himself.
MR. WISEMAN – Wise man of the jungle; helps monkeys carry out the Creator's plan.
ROSIE – A very small, pink monkey who loves to swing.

Props: none

(The scene opens with CALEB and MAX on stage talking.)

MAX: So you got a box from Mr. Wiseman, too?

CALEB: Yeah, I did.

MAX: And was your full of bananas?

CALEB: And a Bible. Did yours have a note in it?

MAX: Yeah, it said he was going to be away for a couple of weeks and to take care of the bananas. What do you suppose that means?

CALEB: I am guessing that is why he put the Bible in there. To help us figure out what to do with the bananas.

MAX: The Bible?!? There's nothing in the Bible about bananas.

CALEB: Maybe not, but I think I'm going to take a look anyway. Just in case.

MAX: Well, you do whatever you want to do. I'm going to seal it all up and keep it at the top of my tree for safe keeping. Are you ready for football practice?

CALEB: I sure am. I have some new plays I want to go over with you guys.

MAX: See you at practice, coach.

CALEB: Don't forget the coconut.

(MAX and CALEB exit in opposite directions.)

(Scene opens with MR. WISEMAN entering.)

MR. WISEMAN: Hello, boys. I'm back.

(MAX and CALEB enter.)

MAX: Hey, it's Mr. Wiseman.

CALEB: Welcome back.

MR. WISEMAN: Thanks, boys. Did you get the packages I left you?

MAX: Yes, sir. It is safe and sound in the top of my tree. I'll go get it. (MAX exits.)

CALEB: Er… uh…

MR. WISEMAN: What's the matter, Caleb? Did you get the box?

CALEB: Yes, sir, but…

MR. WISEMAN: But what?

CALEB: I got the box. I HAVE the box. It's just that the box is… empty.


CALEB: I'm sorry. You see Booger got hurt and was having trouble gathering food for his family, so I gave him the bananas. I mean, he HAS to feed his family doesn't he?

MR. WISEMAN: I see. And what about the Bible?

CALEB: Ah, the Bible. It's like this: Rosie was asking me lots of questions about God and my relationship with Jesus. She doesn't have a Bible of her own, so I gave her the one from the box.


CALEB: I'm really sorry. I was reading the Bible you left, and it said that we are suppose to help the sick and share the Gospel with others, so I…

MR. WISEMAN: Caleb, you aren't in trouble. You are a good and faithful servant. You took care of the contents of the box exactly as I instructed. I am very proud of you.

(MAX enters looking upset/confused.)

MAX: I just don't get it.

MR. WISEMAN: What's the matter, Max?

MAX: I don't understand what happened to the bananas. I sealed up the box real tight and put the box away. I didn't let anyone get near it. But now the box is full of brown, gooey bananas. Ick! They're gross.

MR. WISEMAN: What did you expect, Max? You don’t take care of bananas by locking them away. They aren't any good to anyone that way. Did you look at the Bible I left you?

MAX: No, I sealed it away, too. I guess it's not very useful either locked way.

MR. WISEMAN: Very true, Max. Did you know that God's gifts are like bananas?

MAX & CALEB: (Looking at each other) Huh?!?

MR. WISEMAN: If you lock God's gifts away and don't use them, they don't do anyone any good. You have to use them to serve others.

CALEB: Just like I read in the Bible!

MR. WISEMAN: Exactly. I have brought another box of bananas home with me. Would anyone like to help me give them away.

MAX: I'd love to give some bananas away.

CALEB: Let's go.

(CALEB, MAX, and MR. WISEMAN exit together.)

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