Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life Story #4

Scripture Reference: Philippians 2:3

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. - Philippians 2:3A skit about using our gifts in service to God.

CALEB – Smallest monkey; feels he is inadequate to serve God.
MAX – Biggest and strongest monkey; works hard but tends to be prideful.
BOOGER – Big and strong; does not take good care of himself.
MR. WISEMAN – Wise man of the jungle; helps monkeys carry out the Creator's plan.
ROSIE – A very small, pink monkey who loves to swing.


(The scene opens with CALEB mumbling to himself and looking sad when MR. WISEMAN enters.)

MR. WISEMAN: Hello, Caleb. Why so sad?

CALEB: Huh? Oh, hi Mr. Wiseman (sighs)

MR. WISEMAN: What's eating you, Caleb?

CALEB: Well, I have this flea on the back of my….

MR. WISEMAN: No, no, no. I mean what's wrong? You look like you've lost your best friend.

CALEB: It's that Max again. He thinks he's so special just because he's big and strong.

MR. WISEMAN: What happened now?

CALEB: They're playing coconut football again, and Max is the quarterback – as always. He says I'm too small. And he never throws the ball to me, because he says I drop it all the time.

MR. WISEMAN: Do you drop the ball all the time?

CALEB: Yeah, but I still want to play. It's just not fair.

MR. WISEMAN: God gives us each different gifts. Yours may not be catching a coconut, but I bet there are other things you could do. God has made each of for a special purpose.

CALEB: I suppose.

MAX: (enters) I can't believe we lost again.

MR. WISEMAN: What happened?

MAX: Those Cheetahs are just too fast. We can't score, and we can’t stop them from scoring.

CALEB: The problem is that you're running a nickel defense. A 3-4 defense is more effective against a running game.

MAX: What?!?

CALEB: And you shouldn't have Rosie playing tailback.

MAX: But she has a tail.

CALEB: That's not what makes a good tailback. She's fast enough, but she's too small to block. She should be playing wide receiver.

MR. WISEMAN: Sounds like Caleb knows a lot about football, Max.

MAX: He sure does. I'm really sorry I was so mean to you before, Caleb. My pride got in the way. Would you please come back and be on our team?

CALEB: I thought I was too small.

MAX: You are too small – to play. We need you to be our coach. You have great ideas. We really need you, Caleb. Please say you'll do it.

MR. WISEMAN: Sounds like a great idea.

CALEB: Hmmm, let me think… I'll do it!

MAX: Great! What do we need to do next?

(CALEB and MAX exit together.)

CALEB: (as they are leaving) Next time we play the Lions, we should use the "smashmouth" offense and….

MR. WISEMAN: Have fun stormin' the other team, boys. (exits)

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