Monday, September 19, 2011

Adam's Nostrils (Puppet Version)

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 10:8
The wise in heart accept commands, but a chattering fool comes to ruin. - Proverbs 10:8
The Proverb is illustrated with auditions to the air band Adam's Nostrils.

Note: I've done this skit before with two kids posing as the chattering fools. A new class and new circumstances meant reworking this skit with a puppet.

MISS REBECCA – teacher
OZZIE – chattering air guitar wannabe
3-4 kids – lead singer, drummer, etc.
1 kid – to replace the chattering wannabe

Rock-style song (I am using I'm a Believer by Cadet)

MISS REBECCA: Today, we are going to start an air band. For those who don't know what an air band is, an air band is a band that uses no real instruments. All of the instruments are made of air. For example the air guitar (pantomimes playing guitar) or air drums (pantomimes playing drums). The band is going to be called "Adam's Nostrils." You know like how God breathed air into Adam's nostrils? (Pauses to see if anyone gets it then gives up.) Anyway…
I need some volunteers to audition for Adam's Nostrils. I need a lead singer (pick a volunteer), a guitarist…

OZZIE: Oh! I’ve always wanted to play guitar. (strums air guitar)


OZZIE: Sweet!

MISS REBECCA: We also need a bass player (pick a volunteer) and a drummer (pick a volunteer).

(During the instructions, OZZIE chatters to other band members.)

MISS REBECCA: Okay, here are the instructions: I am going to play I'm a Believer by Cadet. When the song starts, you (pointing to the singer/singers) lip-synch the song, and the rest of you pretend to play your instruments. You don't sing, and you don't make any noise.

(MISS REBECCA starts the music.)

OZZIE: (looking around for instruments) MISS REBECCA! MISS REBECCA!

MISS REBECCA: (pausing the music) What is it, Ozzie?

OZZIE: Where are the instruments?

MISS REBECCA: As I just explained, this is an air band, so you just pretend to play your instruments.


(MISS REBECCA starts the music. OZZIE starts making guitar sounds. MISS REBECCA pauses the music.)

MISS REBECCA: What are you doing now?

OZZIE: I'm playing guitar – and rather well, I might add.

MISS REBECCA: But you are suppose to doing it without making any noise. If you hadn’t been chattering you would have heard me explain that.

OZZIE: Sorry. I have it now.

(MISS REBECCA starts the music. As soon as the singing starts, OZZIE starts singing along. MISS REBECCA pauses the music.)

MISS REBECCA: (obviously very frustrated) What part of "You don't sing, and you don't make any noise" did you not understand?

OZZIE: But it's a good song. I think they sang it in Shrek? Did you ever see that movie, Miss Rebecca? Izzie loves Donkey, because she thinks he’s so funny. I like Puss-in-Boots better. How about you?

MISS REBECCA: Excuse me. If you could have followed instructions, you would have known what to do. Hand in your air guitar.

(MISS REBECCA takes air guitar from OZZIE. OZZIE collapse in despair.)

MISS REBECCA: Who wants to take his place? (Pick another volunteer.) You are now the guitarist. Remember: No singing! No noise!

(MISS REBECCA start the music one last time. The kids perform the song with no further incidents.)

OZZIE: Proverbs 10:8
The wise person accepts instructions,
but a chattering fool comes to ruin.
(collapses again)

MISS REBECCA: Let's give our new air band Adam's Nostrils a big hand! You guys did a great job!


Katrina, Sunday School Blogger said...

This skit was so cute and funny! I've been trying to come up with some good skits that my older children's ministry classes could work on and perform, and this one definitely made the cut. Thank you so much for sharing your great skits with all of your regular readers! I'm looking forward to seeing what other types of skits and lessons you come up with in the future.

ChildsPlay said...

Thanks, Katrina. I appreciate the feedback.