Monday, February 14, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

Scripture Reference: John 9:1-12, John 11:1-44

A lesson about showing God's might.
Jesus said to her, 'I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?' - John 11:25-26
OZZIE – an excitable little monster
SQUIGGLY – Ozzie’s pet worm
MR. MATT – the teacher who sets him straight


(MR. MATT is on stage when OZZIE enters and screams.)

MR. MATT: (surprised) Oh my goodness! What’s wrong, Ozzie?

OZZIE: I’m so mad at my parents!!

MR. MATT: What did they do to make you so angry?

OZZIE: I really, really, really wanted to go to camp this summer.

MR. MATT: Yeah.

OZZIE: Camp Havasandwich.

MR. MATT: So what’s the problem?

OZZIE: So there’s this deadline to get the application in . I told them about the deadline. They said they’d handle it. I reminded them about the deadline. They said they’d handle it. I bugged, badgered, and pestered them about the deadline. They said they’d handle it.

MR. MATT: And?

OZZIE: They didn’t handle it.

MR. MATT: I’m sure there was a good reason.

OZZIE: No, they just didn’t get around to it. They hate me. They don’t treat me like a son. My life is over!

MR. MATT: Your parents still love you.

OZZIE: Nya-uh.

MR. MATT: Yuh-huh.

OZZIE: Nya-uh.

MR. MATT: Yuh-huh.

OZZIE: Nya-uh.

MR. MATT: Yuh-huh.

OZZIE: Nya-… (SQUIGGLY appears) Just a second, Mr. Matt. (OZZIE turns to SQUIGGLY and says in a stage whisper) We were having a very serious discussion, Squiggly. What is it? (pause) Who? (pause) What? (pause) When? (pause) Where? (pause) How? (pause then says loudly) Sweet!!

MR. MATT: What is it?

OZZIE: Squiggly – my bestest pal Squiggly – found out someone was keeping a secret.

MR. MATT: Who?

OZZIE: My parents. They were discussing something very special.

MR. MATT: What?

OZZIE: A trip.

MR. MATT: When?

OZZIE: The week I was supposed to go to camp. And guess where the trip is to.

MR. MATT: Where?

OZZIE: Disney World!! But Squiggly discovered their secret.

MR. MATT: How?

OZZIE: (mysteriously) He has his wormy ways.

SQUIGGLY: (nods proudly)

MR. MATT: So your parents do love you. They didn’t make your reservations for Camp Havasandwich, so they could surprise you with a trip to Disney World.

OZZIE: Oh, yeah. That was awfully nice of them.

MR. MATT: Your parents love you, and they want what’s best for you. It’s just that sometimes it turns out differently than you expected.

OZZIE: I see. Thanks for all the help, Mr. Matt.

MR. MATT: If you really want to thank me, you could take me to Disney World with you.

OZZIE: Nya-uh. (OZZIE & SQUIGGLY exit)

MR. MATT: Ozzie!

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