Monday, October 4, 2010

The Devil’s Vegetable

Scripture Reference: Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1:12-13, Luke 4:1-13

A lesson about temptation and God’s way.
Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD. – Deuteronomy 8:3b
OZZIE – an excitable little monster
MR. MIKE – the teacher who sets her straight


(MR. MIKE begins on stage when OZZIE enters.)

OZZIE: (enters yelling and waving arms in a Taz-like fashion)

MR. MIKE: Ozzie?

OZZIE: (continues)


OZZIE: Oh. Hi, Mr. Mike.

MR. MIKE: What on Earth are you doing?

OZZIE: I’m just standing here talking to you.

MR. MIKE: No, what was with all the yelling and flailing?

OZZIE: Oh, that. The devil was trying to tempt me, so I was trying to scare him off.

MR. MIKE: That’s certainly a unique method.

OZZIE: I hope it works better than the other things I’ve tried.

MR. MIKE: Like what?

OZZIE: Running really fast, standing really still, wearing camouflage, hiding in the closet, turning the radio up real loud, eating chocolate, pulling the covers over my head, eating chocolate…

MR. MIKE: You said eating chocolate twice.

OZZIE: I really like eating chocolate. I’ve tried bug spray, a fire extinguisher, deodorant, Brussels sprouts…

MR. MIKE: Brussels sprouts?

OZZIE: Yeah, I hate Brussels sprouts. I thought the devil might hate them too, and they’d scare him off.

MR. MIKE: And did that work?

OZZIE: Not so much. (stage whisper) I think the devil likes Brussels Sprouts.

MR. MIKE: Did any of those things work?

OZZIE: Not really, but I have this idea for a catapult.

MR. MIKE: I think you’re going about this all wrong.

OZZIE: So I should just give in to the temptation?

MR. MIKE: That’s not what I meant.

OZZIE: When the little devil and the little angel come sit on my shoulders, I should just flick the little angel away and do what the little devil tell me to do?

MR. MIKE: Not at all. You should always resist the devil. It’s your ammunition that’s all wrong.

OZZIE: But I’m too young to buy bullets.

MR. MIKE: No, I mean you need to use your Bible.

OZZIE: Ah! Like one of those really big King James Bibles. I can just whack him upside his head.

MR. MIKE: No, Ozzie! I mean you can hide God’s Word in your heart. When you know what the Bible says and practice your memory verses, you have what you need to tell right from wrong and the truth from a lie.

OZZIE: Oh. Is that why you have a memory verse every week?

MR. MIKE: Exactly.

OZZIE: Well, then I better get going.

MR. MIKE: To work on your memory verse?

OZZIE: No. I built a giant mousetrap to catch the devil, and I used my pet worm Squiggly for bait. (exits)

MR. MIKE: Ozzie!

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Anonymous said...

A nice play! Gives a good explanation on how to defeat the devil God's way and not our own!!