Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You Didn’t Make Your Bed, So You’re in the Doghouse

Scripture Reference: Jonah 1-4
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13
A lesson about obedience.

D.B. – a good albeit not very bright bunny
MR. MIKE – the teacher who sets him straight


(Opens with MR. MIKE on stage.)

D.B.: (enters & collapses from exhaustion)

MR. MIKE: Hey, D.B. What’s wrong?

D.B.: Hi, Mr. Mike. I am worn out.

MR. MIKE: Why are you so worn out?

D.B.: My mama asked e to make my bed.

MR. MIKE: Making your bed wore you out?

D.B.: Of course not!

MR. MIKE: Well, it sounded like…

D.B.: Do I look some sort of baby bunny?

MR. MIKE: No, but…

D.B.: I can make my bed without getting worn out.

MR. MIKE: I was just going by what you said…

D.B.: Besides, I did not even make my bed.

MR. MIKE: D.B.! Why in the world did you make your bed?

D.B.: It is not fun making by bed. I wanted to do something fun.

MR. MIKE: Do did you play?

D.B.: No, I hided.

MR. MIKE: That doesn’t sound like much fun. Where’d you hide?

D.B.: I tried to hide in the bathroom.

MR. MIKE: How’d that work out for you?

D.B.: With 98 brothers and sisters, not so good. Our bathroom sees a lot of action.

MR. MIKE: I imagine it does. SO what did you do next?

D.B.: I tried the pantry, but it was too small. I tried the den, but it was too big. I tried the attic, but it was too high. I tried the basement, but it was too low. I tried the oven, but it was too hot. I tried to freezer, but it was too cold. Then I tried the doghouse, and it was just right.

MR. MIKE: The doghouse? Was that a good place to hide?

D.B.: It was, until the dog showed up.

MR. MIKE: Oh, was he mad you were in his house?

D.B.: No, he wanted to play. He started to bark and to wrestle and to chase me around and to give me his slobbery ball.

MR. MIKE: You can’t have that. Your mother might notice.

D.B.: Exactly.

MR. MIKE: So what did you do?

D.B.: I climbed up a tree to get away.

MR. MIKE: Did that work?

D.B.: Oh yes! Until I discovered that I had climbed too high, and I was too scared to climb down.

MR. MIKE: Oh my. What did you do?

D.B.: I did not do anything. I was afraid to move.

MR. MIKE: How’d you get down?

D.B.: My mama heard the dog barking and saw him chase me up the tree. I told her I was oh so sorry for not making my bed, and could she please help me get down.

MR. MIKE: And did she?

D.B.: Of course. My mama is a very good mama.

MR. MIKE: Of course she is. So did you learn your lesson?

D.B.: Oh, yes. I will never try to hide in the doghouse again.

MR. MIKE: No, that it’s easier to be obedient than to try to run away from it.

D.B.: Oh, that. But I was going to make my bed — eventually.

MR. MIKE: Delayed obedience is disobedience. It’s always better to be obedient right away.

D.B.: I guess you are right. It I had made my bed when my mama told me to, I would already be done. I would have been playing instead of stuck up a tree.

MR. MIKE: You got it. What are you going to do now, D.B.?

D.B.: I am going to go make my bed.

MR. MIKE: That’s a good fellow.

D.B.: Bye, Mr. Mike.

MR. MIKE: Bye, D.B.

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