Friday, December 21, 2012

Moses in the Bulrushes

Scripture Reference:  Exodus 1:1-2:11

A skit about Moses and God's Provision.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. – Deuteronomy 6:5
GRANNY GRACE – a sweet old storyteller who doesn't always get the facts straight
MR. JUSTIN – the teacher who sets her straight

(MR. JUSTIN is on stage alone talking to the kids.)

MR. JUSTIN: Granny Grace is going to be here today. You know she's as old as Moses' toes and twice as corny.

GRANNY: (enters) Good morning, dears.

MR. JUSTIN: Oh! Good morning, Granny. Do you have a story for us today?

GRANNY: Oh, yes. It’s a lovely story about the little baby Moses.

MR. JUSTIN: Did you know Moses?

GRANNY: Oh my, young man, Moses was born about 3400 years ago. How old do you think I am?

MR. JUSTIN: Oh, well… I, um… It was… It was Sophie. Yeah, that's it. It was Sophie who said you're old as Moses' toes.

GRANNY: Sophie! I can’t believe it. Such a nice, quiet young lady being so disrespectful to her elder. (If Sophie or the other kids react, engage them but don't take too long.)
(to Sophie or Justin) Well, 40 lashes with a wet noodle for you.

MR. JUSTIN: Anyway, you were going to tell us a story about baby Moses.

GRANNY: Oh yes, dear. As you remember, Joseph brought his whole family to Egypt during the famine. Well, eventually Joseph died when he was 110. Many years passed, and a Pharaoh who didn't know Joseph reigned over Egypt. He was very worried that there were so many Israelites, so he made them slaves and made them do hard labor. But the king was still afraid, so he ordered the Egyptian midwives to kill all of the baby boys. They didn't do it. They told Pharaoh that the Hebrew women were strong and gave birth before the could get there. God blessed them for not killing the baby boys.

MR. JUSTIN: That was very nice of them.

GRANNY: Oh yes, dear. Very nice. But Pharaoh wasn't done. He ordered every baby boy to be thrown in the river and drowned.

MR. JUSTIN: That Pharaoh was one bad dude.

GRANNY: He was a very bad dude, indeed. Well, about this time little baby Moses was born. He was so adorable and cuddly that his mama hid him. After three months, he was just too noisy and couldn’t be hidden any longer. So his mama took him down to the river and suddenly a bull rushed them.

MR. JUSTIN: What?!? That doesn't sound right.

GRANNY: It's right there in the Bible, dear. It says there was an "ark of bulrushes." You know how a group of lions is called a pride, and a group of geese is a gaggle? Well, apparently a group of rushes from a bull is called an ark.

MR. JUSTIN: I don’t think…

GRANNY: I'm sure little baby Moses must have been terrified. I mean, to suddenly have a big old, mean bull rushing at you like that? I can just picture it: The bull saying, (snort, snort). And little baby Moses saying, "Waa! Waa!" It must have been horrifying.

MR. JUSTIN: Granny!

GRANNY: Yes, dear?

MR. JUSTIN: An ark is not a bunch of rushes by a bull.

GRANNY: It's not?

MR. JUSTIN: No, it's a chest or a basket.

GRANNY: Really? How did they get a bull in a basket?

MR. JUSTIN: There was no bull. The ark was made of bulrushes. Bulrushes are reeds or papyrus. Moses' mom coated it with tar and pitch to make it waterproof.

GRANNY: Well, wasn't that clever.

MR. JUSTIN: Yes, it was. Then Moses' mom sent him down the river, and his life was saved.

GRANNY: Well, that makes for a much nicer story.

MR. JUSTIN: Much nicer.

GRANNY: Well, I'm glad I could help. I'd better be going now. Remember, children, don't tweet just for the sake of tweeting and read your Bibles every day. Bye, dears. (exits)

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