Friday, October 31, 2008

The Beginning of Wisdom

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 9:10

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. - Proverbs 9:10Cast:
EXPLORER – person searching for wisdom
ANNOUNCER – delivers Proverb

Possibly dressed like an explorer or Indiana Jones.

Four boxes sitting on a table. The boxes are labeled: FAME, MONEY, INTELLIGENCE, and FEAR OF THE LORD. The contents of each box is:
FAME: a strobe light (portable)
MONEY: junk –not trash but odds & ends
INTELLIGENCE: dictionary

(The EXPLORER enters – perhaps to Indiana Jones music – and examines the boxes.)

EXPLORER: I've been searching the world over for the key to ultimate Wisdom. I've been from Constantinople to Timbuktu. From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli. My latest clue points me to these boxes. One of them contains the key to ultimate Wisdom. Let's see what I have: FAME, MONEY, INTELLIGENCE, and FEAR OF THE LORD. Fear?!? I don't want to be afraid. I think I'll start with FAME. After all, don't we turn to famous people for their opinions and advice? They must be wise.
(Opens box and is blinded by flashes.)
There is nothing in there but the flash of cameras. There is no substance. Nothing. Now that I think about it, there are plenty of famous people who don't display wisdom.
Okay, I'll try MONEY next. Rich people must be wise, or they wouldn't have all that money.
(Opens box and empties out odds & ends.)
This is just… stuff. There's no wisdom in here either. I hope this isn't another wild goose chase. INTELLIGENCE.. Intelligent – smart – wise. This has got to be it!
(Opens box and removes a dictionary.)
Ah! Now we are getting somewhere. (Flips through pages)
(crestfallen) Hey! This is just words – it's a dictionary! Knowing the definitions of all these words might make me smarter, but unless they're put together correctly, they don't give me wisdom. And besides, this is just human knowledge. That fades away. Ultimate Wisdom is eternal. What I need would have come from… (looks at the final box) the Lord. (excited) I think this just might be what I have been searching for all along.
(Opens final box.) Ah! (Removes Bible.)

ANNOUNCER: Proverbs 9:10:
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom….

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One Voice said...

This one was really good.

The Indiana Jones music was a great touch.

I'm at Hannah's nana's house right now. Miss ya.

- Melissa